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Everyone’s favorite “American Idol” performer General Larry Platt got the exposure he wanted when he auditioned with a song called “Pants on the Ground,” exhorting America’s youth to pull up their pants.

(Is he the one responsible for the men-in-skinny jeans craze now overtaking the nation? We hope not!)

He didn’t make the show, but since then, Platt has enjoyed the kind of acclaim that usually is given to “Idol” winners and runner-ups as his catchy tune has become the stuff of pop culture. The Atlanta-based Platt has been on “The View,” attended the Grammys and was honored by the Atlanta City Council and the Georgia state assembly.

But with success comes problems as the 62-year-old former civil rights activist has learned recently. A lawsuit filed on behalf of American King Music alleges that Platt owes them expenses related to the producing, writing and recording of Platt’s official recording of the single.

The lawsuit is related to a full-length recording of the song that was recorded with hip-hop artist Mims at Mims’ studio.

Attorney Leron Rogers, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of American King Music, issued a statement that says, “My client, American King Music, who funded Mr. Platt’s recording session with Mims, would like to compensate Mr. Platt for the sales of the full-length hit song, ‘Pants on the Ground,’ which we made available on iTunes. However, Mr. Platt and his representatives have failed to take care of Mr. Platt’s obligations.”

Platt’s representative, Pinky Brittain, disagrees. She told AccessAtlanta.com that Platt never signed any agreement with American King Music.

“This is another ploy to claim something that belongs to Gen. Larry Platt,” she said. “He can’t get a break. This is so stupid.”

Phaedra Parks, an Atlanta-based attorney who is rumored to be the sixth addition to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is representing Platt.

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