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Jerry Springer on Lincoln Ware Show

Source: Radio One / Radio One

Former mayor of Cincinnati and former talk show host Jerry Springer made a stop into The Lincoln Ware Show to talk about Trump, politics and more.  Tuesday May 9th Springer took out a full page advertorial in the Cincinnati Enquirer to talk about is disdain for the recent passage of the American Health Care Act.

“Today’s date will likely not be remembered as much as 9/11 … and yet, what Congress did today will end up killing many more Americans than Osama bin Laden ever did,”

Springer goes on calling Trumpcare an ‘act of war’ saying that passing Trumpcare “no less deadly and unconscionable, simply because the perpetrators of this legislative violence happen to be wealthy white men who reside in Washington.”

Springer stopped by The Lincoln Ware Show to talk about his advertorial and more.

There’s been rumors that Springer might run for a public office again.  Would you vote for him?


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